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An Investment that saves millions of lives

Making therapeutic hypothermia portable and more user-friendly.

The Guidelines

After a Successful Reanimation


How does it work?


The earlier the cooling starts, the more damage can be prevented!

The Solution


The Product

Liquid Oxygen Hypothermie

Neuroprotectiv Gas

Argon / Xenon

Liquid Oxygen Hypothermie
Vacuum Pump
ECG/ Defibrillator

Why Airchill?

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Our Achievements

Internationally awarded

Our Scientific Results in Humans are published and internationally awarded.

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Published Studies

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Our Experts

Fabian Temme

Founder- CEO

Paramedic, Engineer & Leader

Jialei Wang

Teamleader China

Expert for China

Rakesh Perani MD
Medical Director

Physician & Engineer,

Leader of the US Team

Roman Schmidt

Design Engineer

Specialist for
CAD and
industrial 3D

Matthias Schulz

Legal Advisor

Our expert for all legal questions

Armin Kaup

Financial Advisor

Mathematician and Tax advisor

Our Awards

Airchill in the news

Es geht buchstäblich um Leben und Tod. Oder zumindest um die Gesundheit von Menschen, potenziell Millionen.

It is literally a question of life and death. Or at least of the health of humans, potentially millions.

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